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Seiren North America, LLC is the North American subsidiary of Seiren Co. Ltd, headquartered in Fukui City, Japan ( We produce a wide variety of automotive upholstery materials uniquely characterizing the interior of each vehicle to meet customers' specifications and requirements.

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Company Facts

  • Founded: August 17, 2001
  • Start of production: April 2002
  • Land area: 53.8 acres
  • Manufacturing/Warehousing square footage: 439,000 ft2
  • Renewable Energy: 2,411 rooftop solar array panels

Mission Statement

  • "Team Cooperation" - Includes all of our team members, suppliers, customers and communities. We strive to diligently work together and communicate on all aspects of our business. Sharing information and working together is vital to our success.
  • "Customer Satisfaction" - Fulfilling our customer's needs is a top priority in our business. We work to surpass our customers' expectations in all that we do.
  • "Continuous Improvement" - We constantly strive to improve all that we do to make a better business, product, workplace and community in the areas of safety, quality, manufacturing and development. We should never be content with our performance knowing that there is always room for improvement.
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